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The International UFO Bureau

Hayden C. Hewes

Hayden C. Hewes established the International UFO Bureau in 1957, while still only a high school student in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Hewes was known for reaching out to diplomats, military officials, and members of the space program to inquire about their thoughts on the UFO topic. In one such instance during the Cold War, Hewes contacted the former premier of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, to gather information about Russian UFOs. After receiving a reply from the premier, the correspondence caught the attention of the FBI, and a teenage Hewes was paid a visit from the notorious "Men in Black." This only served to further his quest in finding the truth behind the UFO mystery. 

Despite the limited number of UFO organizations at the time, Hewes' International UFO Bureau gained significant popularity with members across the globe. His weekly radio show had an audience of over 1 million listeners, and his national column was read by over 2 million people weekly. Hewes investigated some of the most infamous cases in UFO history during his multi-decade career. Sadly, in 2017, we lost a legend, but with the generous donation of his files by his widow Bonnie Hewes, his work lives on to inspire and inform new generations of UFO researchers. 

The Heaven's Gate Investigation


Hewes' Encounters with the UFO Cult

In the 1970s, Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles sat down with Hayden Hewes and his partner, Brad Steiger, for an interview about their beliefs. The investigators would go on to have several encounters with The Two, as well as other members of their group. 

Unearthing Secrets in the 1970s

In the 1970s, there was a concerted effort to unearth the secrets of the 1897 Aurora, Texas crash and reported burial of an entity "not of this world" in the town cemetery. Hayden Hewes was at the forefront of the investigation. 

The Aurora Crash Investigation

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The Jimmy Carter Report


The Original Hand-Written Report

The original Jimmy Carter report detailing his 1969 sighting witnessed while on the campaign trail was filed with the International UFO Bureau in 1973 at the request of Hayden Hewes. This historic document is of utmost importance to the legitimacy of UFO sightings by those in positions of power. 

3 Days, Thousands of Sightings, 7 States

One of the largest flaps in US history took place from July 31, 1965 to August 2, 1965 as thousands of reports flew in from citizens, police officers, and military members across a 7 state region. Hayden Hewes was part of the investigation, and was witness to one of the crafts seen over Oklahoma City during that time. 

The 1965 Flap over the Central US


The Tulsa Boy Scout Photo


Photographic Evidence of the 1965 Flap?

During the chaos of the 1965 sightings, one young boy used his Boy Scout camera to capture a photo of what his family and friends believe is a UFO. While some analysis confirms their story, the Air Force isn't so sure that they were telling the truth. 

What's So Special about this Small Town?

Southeastern Oklahoma was home to hundreds of UFO sightings during the 1960s and 1970s. Most of the reports seemed to be centered around this one small town. Why?

Something Strange in Hartshorne

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