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Dying to Meet Them: One Woman's Incredible Journey from NDE to UAP

While most Near-Death Experiencers return to this plane of existence with alluring tales of their time spent in the presence of the divine, what happens when one crosses the veil into the afterlife and Heaven refuses to answer? What existence truly lies beyond our own expectations? In this gripping true story, author, investigator, and aneurysm survivor Mindy Tautfest reveals the raw and unfettered details of her own chilling encounter in a place of isolating, utter darkness known as The Void. The wife of a Southern Baptist minister, her expectations of a joyous homecoming full of all-encompassing love were shattered when she was instead met with a devastating experience for which she could have never been prepared. Fighting to escape the desolate outer darkness where she had been cast, she would return only to find herself in an equally harsh world with the memories and physical repercussions of death lingering over her as an ever-present shadow.


After enduring further setbacks which once again landed her in the hospital, Mindy began making funeral arrangements and took a family vacation to Roswell to fulfill one of her last dying wishes. Instead of the trip being the expected somber farewell, what followed was a miraculous turn of events which propelled her on an internal journey of spiritual growth and divine healing. In this eye-opening book, her research into the Distressing Near-Death Experience phenomenon highlights the major correlations previously found between UFO and Near-Death Experiencers during the Omega Project and takes them a step further, describing them in detail as she personally experienced them. Highlighted are the aspects of the Encounter Prone Personality perceived during childhood, as well as a collection of commonly reported after-effects which consistently result in a positive transformation wherein the experiencer seeks to use their newfound abilities to inform and elevate humanity.

Using her investigations and experiences as a guide, Mindy brings new questions to the fields of Ufology and Near-Death studies. Could the Void be the location of an Absolute Source Reality? Are we living inside a cosmic hologram easily entered into by advanced entities? Can human consciousness transcend into other realms where these entities reside? What lessons can we take from the Void? How can the embodiment of nothing, affect our everything?

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My Chosen Playlist for the Book

Here is a list of songs that spoke to me deeply during my journey. My hope is that by providing them here, they will better help the reader understand the emotions behind the words.

"I started to panic. Was this it?  The afterlife?  It was like no one could or would hear me from the barren chasm where I now found myself captive to the darkness. I could only feel vibrations of a universe teeming with life and creation all around me, but it was all out of my reach.  For whatever reason I was isolated, utterly alone, unimportant, forgotten."

Mindy Tautfest

Dying to Meet Them

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